Lesson Packages

Wether you are just getting started or have been playing for decades, Golf Galaxy offers an affordable lesson package to meet your goals and budget. These lessons focus on fundamentals that build muscle memory and put you in mid-season form when you step on the tee.

Your lesson will consist of a half hour of personalized instruction from one of our PGA/LPGA professionals. While other teaching facilities try to get you to swing like a tour pro, our emphisis is more personal; we want to maximize your abilities. Our individual lesson programs are just that, individualized attention, wether you are new to the game or a low handicap golfer.

PGA/LPGA Professionals. The latest technology. Great value. Book a lesson online today with your nearest Golf Galaxy PGA/LPGA Professional to start taking your game to the next level.

Multi-Session Packages

Let the PGA and LPGA professionals at Golf Galaxy build a custom lesson plan that improves your game one focus area at a time.

Our PGA and LPGA professionals will design a personal, money-saving multi-session lesson package for you based on your needs and ability. Your lesson will utilize V1 Technology to analyze your swing. Additionally, you will be able to review your lessons online. See the highlights of your lessons on lessons.golfgalaxy.com - anytime from anywhere.

3-Lesson Package
$129.99 | Save $20
6-Lesson Package
$199.99 | Save $100
10-Lesson Package
$299.99 | Save $200

30-Minute Single Lessons

Spend 30 minutes with our PGA and LPGA Professionals at the start of every season to review the fundamentals.

Grip, Alignment, Posture. Repition of the fundamentals during these sessions builds muscle memory and puts you in mid-season form when you step on to the tee for the first time.

Or turn to our pros for help hitting specific shots - the lag putt, bunker play or finding more fairways off the tee. Then take your video to the range or practice green and watch your scores drop.

Junior Sessions

Every parent knows that communicating with kids requires a special set of skills, particularly with a game that can be as frustrating and counterintuitive as golf.

Sign up for a 30-minute session for golfers 17 and under. Our PGA and LPGA Professionals will quickly assess a young player's skill level, then provide an engaging session that improves technique, builds confidence and creates more interest in the game of golf.